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LED (16 faqs)
       What is an LED 852
       Where have LEDs been used in the lighting industry? 851
       Why does the identical LED chip package lumen depreciate at different rates from manufacturer to manufacturer? 895
       What are the advantages to using LED luminaires? 875
       What's the difference between efficiency and efficacy? 835
       Why are LEDs considered a GREEN technology? 827
       Isn’t a lumen, a lumen (spec sheet comparisons)? 902
       How do you evaluate LED products? 842
       How are LEDs able to outperform HID? 870
       If an LED fixture has lower initial lumen output than a traditional HID light, how can LED claim to deliver lumens more efficiently than HID? 779
       How does ambient temperature affect LED efficiency? 885
       What is junction temperature? 810
       Do I have to replace LEDs? 894
       Why is the life span of an LED measured as lumen depreciation? 821
       How long is 100,000 hours? 848
       LED Catalog 840