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Factors To Consider When Making Your Purchase

The pixel pitch is the distance between each cluster of LEDs that makes up a pixel and is measured in millimeters. It ranges from around 3mm for indoor LED screens for very close-up viewing, to around 30mm for outdoor LED screens to be viewed from a distance.

Pixel pitch is important when you choose an LED screen, but a smaller pixel pitch doesn't always make sense and can cost far more – it all depends on the distance the screen is being viewed from. Pixel pitch is only a small factor from many that determine the quality of a giant screen, so don't be sold on that alone! What is "Virtual Pixel Pitch"?

On many LED screens, a technique known as 'virtual pixel pitch' is used which shares LEDs between pixels, thus making the giant screen appear to be a higher resolution. So when someone talks about a 'virtual pixel pitch' of 10mm, the screen is likely to actually have a 20mm pitch, but use virtual pixel technology.

It's important to be aware that a virtual pixel pitch does not make a huge amount of different. For instance, a 10mm 'virtual' screen will never look nearly as good as an 'actual' 10mm screen, so it is always best to go for the smallest 'actual' pixel pitch that you can afford. What does an LED screen cost?

We offer LED screens not only for sale, but also LED screen leasing. Costs of LED screens have lowered significantly in recent years, as the technology has advanced. We have many sizes and colors to choose to match your budget. What is the life time for LED screens?

The life time for LED screens is about 100,000 hours, but it depends on many issues, such as maintenance, the temperature, and most importantly the brightness used.